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McRoskey in the News

Buying a mattress is something we rarely think about/dwell on/plan for until a critical situation occurs. The above New York Times article lists eight “Don’ts” when mattress shopping. Because we think going home to your bed every night to reap the benefits of a good night’s sleep is’s a positive approach to a fruitful mattress shopping experience.

Fall in Love with Sleep!

Good sleep is the foundation of a healthy body. Set yourself up for a good night’s sleep. While better nutrition and exercise are the most popular resolutions this time of year, remember to embrace a good night’s sleep.  Each resolution supports the other. These sleep tips are promoted by the Better Sleep Council and are included in Dr. Matthew Walker’s “Twelve Tips for Healthy Sleep”.

Elizabeth W pops up at McRoskey San Rafael

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Elizabeth W. for a holiday pop up at our San Rafael showroom. Elizabeth W. handcrafts delightfully aromatic products for bath, body and home. The sumptuous products are made in small batches in California since 1995, and feature all-natural ingredients and unusual fragrances.

A Message from Robin McRoskey Azevedo

McRoskey San Francisco, a San Francisco Heritage Brand since 1899, continues as a customer-focused retail business at its San Francisco, Palo Alto and San Rafael showrooms and on-line. The news is manufacturing has been acquired by Pleasant Mattress, another 3rd generation family business,  located in Fresno, California. The excitement is the brand is now in the best position to continue the legacy and to expand.

Kitchen Cures for Insomnia

When it’s late at night and you can’t get to sleep, what do you do? Many of us head for the kitchen, open the cupboard and try to remember what Grandma would have advised us to do. Thankfully, grandmothers everywhere have passed down recipes for drinks that can help us settle into slumber. Note the ingredients so you can have them on hand the next time you’re trolling the pantry at midnight.

EVENT: Anne Shaheen & Valerie Jelenfy Stilson at Art Walk 4/13

Anne Shaheen considers herself a ReUse artist and has always been drawn to items that are old, worn, rusted, broken, just waiting to be part of a story that will be interpreted only by the curious observer. Valerie Jelenfy Stilson is a true renaissance woman, who began creating found object altars at the age of 71.  Her work is influenced by the Spanish Colonial folk art of New Spain and Mexico.  It reflects the passage of time and custom, mixing modern day themes with those of history.

Press Release: Deriving Data in the Land of Nod

As a venerable manufacturer of premium mattresses and box springs in the Western United States, McRoskey San Francisco has constantly striven for improvement in their operations with a focus on customer comfort. With a 25,000 square foot manufacturing facility and significant equipment & labor investments over the past century, the company was eager to modernize operations but not lose the artisan quality craftsmanship of its products. The company chose Atollogy, a leading Smart Manufacturing platform for manufacturers, as its partner to seamlessly blend its traditional manufacturing processes with Atollogy’s data collection and feedback solution.