Family Tradition, a McRoskey bedtime story…

…when you have been around for 121 years as we have, you’ll have an abundance of great stories to share. Just the other day we had a delightful conversation with one of our guests only to discover her history with McRoskey goes back to 1925. And we would like to take the next few minutes to share it with you.

A Lovely Chance Encounter 

In a conversation with a lovely guest by the name of Jonna who phoned in to order another brand mattress for her residence, we learned her mother’s first job out of school was at the Market Street building as a secretary. Needless to say her mother soon learned about the quality of McRoskey products and made a vow that her family would sleep only on their mattresses.

McRoskey Historic Showroom Floor  1925

The Family Tradition Continues

Circling back to our friend Jonna, she came to understand the benefits of good sleep having grown up on McRoskey mattresses. In her adult life, Jonna purchased a hotel in South Lake Tahoe. After surveying the mattresses already there, she made the decision to outfit every room with a brand new McRoskey. It was a great decision! Guest after guest commented how the comfortable beds made their stay so much more enjoyable. She established clientele that returned year after year.

McRoskey – A San Francisco Original 

Beloved by generations of San Franciscans since 1899, McRoskey Mattress Company is a proud part of San Francisco’s fabric. The company family and team have been helping residents of the Bay Area and beyond sleep well for over a century. Customer records going back to the 1920s capture relationships that span generations. We treasure the trust the community has placed in us.

McRoskey SF Showroom Exterior

A Short McRoskey Story

P.S. Here’s another story that will make you chuckle. Sylvia, who lives on the San Francisco Peninsula, told us this story. She’s been a customer for decades. And every night when she goes to bed she says, “Thank you, Mr. McRoskey.” Her little grandson who often spent weekends with her one morning asked, “Grandma, who’s Mr. McRoskey?”

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