San Francisco Original – Our History

McRoskey San Francisco’s mission is to support the well-being of its customers through life-changing sleep.

Founded in 1899, McRoskey Mattress Company has provided legendary service and brought premium mattresses to the Bay Area and beyond, since its founding in San Francisco. With a dedication to quality, every McRoskey mattress is created by craftspeople using time-tested construction techniques passed down through three generations of family ownership.

McRoskey San Francisco Opens in 1899

In 1897, Leonard Henry McRoskey, a traveling salesman from the Midwest with a background in the mattress industry,  arrives in San Francisco and stays at the Langham Hotel, corner of Ellis and Mason.

In 1899,  Leonard establishes a business as a supplier of curled hair, tickings, feathers and silk floss to the local mattress and upholstery industry.  His brother, Edward Lawrence, and sister, Stella, join him in this venture.  

Early in the 1900s, the business morphs into mattress manufacturing in San Francisco under the name of McRoskey & Co.  Relocating to a building on 16th and Harrison Streets (that is still standing),  the business benefits from the disastrous 1906 earthquake and fire.

Factory and office staff in 1908

The Brothers Become Competitors

At the end of its second decade as the business continues to grow,  the brothers become competitors. McRoskey & Co. continues under the helm of Leonard until 1929 when he passes away, and the business is closed.   In 1920,  Edward relocates to 1506 Market Street and establishes the Edward L. McRoskey Mattress Company,  manufacturing and retailing directly to the public.  He adds the name Airflex to capture construction features that benefit the sleeper.  Here are samples of a printed paper label and two beautifully woven product labels.

Check out the red bordered label above with the notation (NO BRANCHES).
That was Edward’s way of separating his business from his brother’s!!

1687 Market St.

In 1925, Edward builds a steel-framed building two blocks down the street at 1687 Market, at a cost of $50,000  designed by San Francisco architects Fabre & Hildebrand. This three-story building with basement houses his factory and showroom. Today it’s the company’s flagship retail showroom.

Edward’s Patents

Innovative in his retailing of comfortable, well-made beds by selling directly from his factory to the public, Edward is also skillful in designing and patenting mattress-making equipment in the 1930s.

Drawing for the McRoskey tufting machine

The Next Generation

Also in the 1930s,  Edward’s two sons, Leonard and Robert,  join the family business.   During next few decades, new equipment is introduced  including wire forming machinery in the 1940s, allowing McRoskey to shape steel coils and assemble its own innerspring units; installing garnett equipment on the 3rd floor,  giving the company full control over the quality of its fiber filling materials; and acquiring automated lace tufters, updating the original hand-tufted practice.

A New Era

In 1981, Robert’s daughter, Robin, joins the family business.  She starts in the office, learns the ropes and becomes president in 1990.   Robin’s grandson, Ed, signs on learning from Mickey Vaccaro how to maintain the variety of equipment used at the McRoskey factory.    Robin’s son, Robert,  joins McRoskey in the early 2000s in customer service and sales.   During those years, McRoskey moves its manufacturing plant to San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood and opens additional showrooms in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

In 2019, McRoskey manufacturing and retail were split.  The manufacturing was sold to another 3rd generation mattress manufacturer allowing McRoskey SF to focus on the customer and the retail experience. The factory is located in Fresno, CA and known as McRoskey Mattress Works

Ed, since 1994      Robin, since 1981      Robert, since 2002

Passing of the Reins

In 2022, Robin made the decision to retire, passing the reins of McRoskey San Francisco to Vanessa Contreras.  Vanessa, a long-time loyal employee, was hired on in the capacity of Human Resource Director, moved into overseeing the factory then served as President from 2019 through 2022.  Vanessa now serves as the Owner and CEO of the Original Retail business.

Today, McRoskey San Francisco continues as a trusted retailer with locations both in San Francisco as well as San Rafael; that has a vast understanding of mattress products.  McRoskey San Francisco proudly provides an exceptional retail experience…and a curated offering of the McRoskey and other mattress brands that meet our customer’s needs of a good night sleep.