The McRoskey Showroom Experience in Three Simple Steps

Step One: Meet Your Trusted Friend

As soon as you step into our McRoskey showroom, your sleep needs become our number one priority. We’ll walk you through our Collections and describe the materials, construction features and benefits of each. We’ll explain the importance of proper support for your mattress and its impact on comfort. You’ll learn about pillows, blankets, linens, mattress pads and how they benefit your sleep experience.  Our goal: You can’t wait to get into bed!

Step Two: The Buying Decision

As we are with product, the company is transparent in pricing. Products are priced fairly. Pricing is not inflated and then slashed. McRoskey offers interest free financing and reviews the terms of the sale including care recommendations, warranty and exchange policies.

Step Three: Join the Well Slept

Reap the benefits of sleep. McRoskey delivers a great night’s sleep, allowing you to wake up ready to take on the world.