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A Message from Robin McRoskey Azevedo

McRoskey San Francisco, a San Francisco Heritage Brand since 1899, continues as a customer-focused retail business at its San Francisco, Palo Alto and San Rafael showrooms and on-line. The news is manufacturing has been acquired by Pleasant Mattress, another 3rd generation family business,  located in Fresno, California. The excitement is the brand is now in the best position to continue the legacy and to expand.

It’s what’s inside that counts: Why mattress materials matter

It’s true, we Californians care about our bodies. We eat right, avoiding fattening comfort foods, scarfing down organic veggies. We exercise, going hiking, doing yoga, even trying brain exercises and life hacks to make our bodies and minds healthier. Unfortunately, we tend to neglect the third part of the equation for well-being: sleep!    

Adjustable Base Beds in the 21st Century

Adjustable beds, such as the Prodigy 2.0 are the ultimate in modern comfort. People love that they can spend more time in bed, and have back support for watching Hulu or playing with their computers, and then adjust the bed flat for bedtime. People who work on their feet, such as nurses or engineers find that elevating their feet for a bit at night reduces pain and swelling in their feet. There's even a zero g position that relieves pressure all over the body. People with acid reflux often can find relief by falling asleep with their heads slightly elevated.

PRESS RELEASE: Adapting Tech to Handcrafted Mattresses

San Francisco’s Legacy Mattress Maker Uses Agile Development to Create a New Product Collection San Francisco, CA: Surrounded by digital giants like Google, Facebook and Apple, the McRoskey San Francisco is a bit of an anachronism. In their San Francisco factory, tools are purpose-built, equipment dating back decades is treated as an extension of workers’ hands. Very few processes are automated. This is not the place you would expect to find a common software development process – Agile Product Development – adapted to consumer goods, but that is precisely what the company has done to develop their new Platform Tufted mattress collection.

Seven Mattress Makers go to Vegas….

Last week, a team of seven United Brotherhood of Carpenters union members from our mattress factory attended a Leadership Conference at the UBC International Training Center in Las Vegas. These McRoskey employees work on the shop floor in all five manufacturing departments: sewing, innerspring, garnetting, box springs and mattress. While many do not work with wood per se, all McRoskey craftspeople are members of the United Brother of Carpenters and Joiners.

Recipe for a McRoskey Box Spring

The box springs boost the bed's overall support and comfort and absorb a lot of the nightly wear and tear. A good box spring is as important as a good mattress to ensure a comfortable, restful and healthy night's sleep. Therefore, knowing what your box spring is made of and how it's made is critical for making the right choice for your sleep.