Recipe for a McRoskey Box Spring

A True Box Spring from McRoskey Mattress Co.

The box springs boost the bed’s overall support and comfort and absorb a lot of the nightly wear and tear. A good box spring is as important as a good mattress to ensure a comfortable, restful and healthy night’s sleep. Therefore, knowing what your box spring is made of and how it’s made is critical for making the right choice for your sleep.


The Benefits of the McRoskey Box Spring

McROSKEY NATURAL TUFTED mattress on box spring

Our customers are often surprised by how much of a difference the box spring makes. At McRoskey, we believe the box spring is as important as the mattress in the comfort equation for a healthy, restful night’s sleep.

For side sleepers, our box spring maximizes pressure relief at hips and shoulders. For back sleepers, it increases comfort by fully supporting the small of your back. A box spring can dramatically extend the life of your mattress. A mattress on a platform or any rigid surface wears more quickly. Purchased together, our mattress and box spring provide truly supple, not rigid, support from head to toe.


The Ingredients of the McRoskey Box Spring

McRoskey box spring from the inside

Wood, wire and fiber are the magical ingredients that are crucial to comfortable support that lasts.

Like mattress coils, box spring coils are made from high carbon spring wire, which are tempered to ensure resilience. From head to foot, a box spring frame will have up to 12 rows of coil mounted slats. Fiber padding and batting cover the coils creating a cushioned surface.

Box springs are available to accompany the NATURAL and CLASSIC Tufted Collections.


Why McRoskey?

Historically, the mattress industry built box springs with a coil construction giving added comfort. Today, most of the industry has abandoned coil construction and instead builds a rigid, inflexible foundation which kills comfort. McRoskey understands the comfort value of a traditionally built box spring.

Our mattresses and box springs work together to create your best night’s sleep ever! Come into our San Rafael, Palo Alto or San Francisco showrooms and test our beds!