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Edward L. McRoskey and the History of Tufting

In the late 1800's, the McRoskey brothers, Edward and Leonard, moved from St. Louis to San Francisco to sell mattress manufacturing equipment to mattress makers on the West Coast. They arrived in the middle of a nationwide economic shock and discovered that there weren't many mattress manufacturers in the area, and decided to set up shop making mattresses themselves.

A True Box Spring

A True Box Spring from McRoskey on Vimeo. At McRoskey Mattress we handcraft a true box spring with individual coils in our San Francisco Factory. We do everything possible to add comfort for our customers.

Built to Last Mattress Handles

McRoskey Mattresses are built to last. Even down to our handles. We build a 2 sided mattress because they last longer. It is important to flip and rotate our mattresses to extend the their life using the handles so we make sure they are built to last the life of the mattress.

Walking Out a McRoskey Mattress

Jumping on your bed. As a kid you loved jumping on your bed (although your parents probably wagged a finger and said, "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"). What if you could do it as a grown-up and make a living at it? At the McRoskey mattress factory jumping on the mattresses is part of the process! It is in the job description of our mattress filler, Rueben Reynosa. We call it "walking out" the mattress. This unusual but very necessary step happens after a mattress is filled with layers and layers of cotton, polyester or wool batting but before it is tufted.