Adjustable Base Beds in the 21st Century

Adjustable beds, such as the Prodigy 2.0 are the ultimate in modern comfort. People love that they can spend more time in bed, and have back support for watching Hulu or playing with their computers, and then adjust the bed flat for bedtime. People who work on their feet, such as nurses or engineers find that elevating their feet for a bit at night reduces pain and swelling in their feet. There’s even a zero g position that relieves pressure all over the body. People with acid reflux often can find relief by falling asleep with their heads slightly elevated.

The available Bluetooth Android or iPhone app unlocks many features – such as programmable Gentle Wake function and the Stop Snoring button. The bed features two different massage regions and can be controlled with a remote or the app. Under the bed, there’s ample USB ports for charging your phone or iPad, as well as soft night lights to help you get to the bathroom safely.

Combined with a McRoskey PLATFORM Tufted or NATURAL Tufted, an adjustable base truly is modern luxury.