When Should I Replace My Mattress?

Here at McRoskey San Francisco, we are often asked how do you know when it’s time to replace your mattress?  While this is not an easy question to answer the information you will read below should help greatly!

Is There an Expiration Date?

There is no guaranteed window of time that your mattress will satisfy your comfort needs. Mattress wear is gradual. Often by the time you finally notice you’re not sleeping well, you may well be long overdue for a new bed. Remember, a warranty protects against product defects, not product wear or changed comfort needs. 

Reasons to Consider Making a Change

Like mattresses, people wear over time.  Bodies become more sensitive to pressure.  Weight loss, weight gain, physical ailments and increased sensitivities lead to changes suggesting a new comfort preference may be in order well before your mattress has worn out.

Here are additional signs telling you it’s time to replace your mattress:

  • You have a difficult time getting comfortable
  • You sleep better in a hotel than at home
  • You wake up with stiffness, numbness or aches
  • You feel lumps or notice visible signs of sagging
  • Your bed (mattress or box spring) squeaks when you move
  • You’re sneezing and sniffling more often at night

A 2009 Oklahoma State University experiment found that switching to a new mattress from one that was 5+ years old immediately improved sleep quality and reduced minor back discomfort.

Looking for more information?

McRoskey Mattress Company recommends visiting the Better Sleep Council to learn more about how you can prepare yourself to wake up more refreshed each day.  Also feel free to shop our collections by clicking here.

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