Where Do Old Mattresses Go?

National Recycling Day

Did you November 15th, is National Recycling Day? Let us tell you about our industry’s participation in mattress recycling. I’m very proud that California is one of three states that is effectively diverting old mattresses from landfills. Under the guidance of the Mattress Recycling Council (MRC), a non profit organization formed by our industry, over 7 million mattresses have been recycled in California since 2016. 

MCR funds and oversees the ByeByeMattress programs that deconstruct used mattresses and sell the components to the secondary markets.

Why Recycling is Important

More than 75 percent of a mattress can be recycled into other products, diverting valuable resources from local landfills. More than 50,000 mattresses are discarded in the U.S. every day. Here are some reasons why mattress recycling is so important. Less reliance on incinerators and landfills by diverting mattresses from the waste stream. Reduce the number of illegally dumped mattresses. Conservation of resources by using old steel, foam, wood and other material to create new products. Recycling creates jobs.

What Happens to the Mattress Components

How Dismantling & Recycling Happens

After discarded mattresses arrive at a recycling facility, the recycler unloads the container. The mattresses and box springs are inspected. Non-contaminated mattresses are dismantled manually by cutting open the mattress and separating the layers for alternative use.

Rest assured knowing that McRoskey San Francisco is working towards creating a cleaner and greener Earth.

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