Pillow Buying Demystified

Pillows are an essential element of a good night’s rest, a fact well understood by San Francisco-based luxury mattress maker McRoskey San Francisco. McRoskey has been making mattresses and box springs in San Francisco since 1899, and also sells a full selection of luxurious, comfortable pillows.

According to McRoskey owner Robin McRoskey Azevedo, comfort is at the heart of selecting the right pillow just as it is when choosing your mattress and box spring. She explains, “The goal of the perfect sleeping pillow is to provide comfortable support while relieving stress on the neck.”

Tips for Pillow Selection 101

Following are some general guidelines to help determine the pillow firmness that fits the sleeping position you use most.

  • If you sleep on your stomach, a soft pillow is often the best choice.
  • For back sleepers, a medium firmness is sometimes preferred.
  • Many people find that a firm pillow is best if you sleep on your side, unless you are petite. If you are petite or have small shoulders, a medium firmness may be a better choice.

Pillow sizes are typically determined by the size of your mattress and box spring set but you can consider function if you want more than one size of bedroom pillow. For sleeping, a standard-size pillow is often preferable. Larger pillows such as Euro and king sizes are attractive on the bed and provide nice support for your back while reading.

Proper Care Tips to Help Make Your Pillows Last

  • Use a pillow protector and pillowcase to keep your pillow fresh and clean.
  • Fluff the pillow frequently by shaking it twice at each long end. This will restore the loft before use.

McRoskey San Francisco offers a full selection of luxurious, comfortable pillows from Northern Feather Canada, in a unique clean and lofty natural goose down encased in 320-thread count cotton damask covers. McRoskey also offers a synthetic down alternative pillow. For additional information on pillows, comfort selection and mattress buying visit https://store.mcroskeysf.com/collections/pillows