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Answers to Your Sleep-Related Questions

Sleep is so important to our health and well being. Thus, it stands to reason that finding helpful answers to our questions about various sleep-related issues is essential. In this post we've provided you with links to various online articles that relate to sleep and health. We found these articles enlightening and hope you will too.

Walking Out a McRoskey Mattress

Jumping on your bed. As a kid you loved jumping on your bed (although your parents probably wagged a finger and said, "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"). What if you could do it as a grown-up and make a living at it? At the McRoskey mattress factory jumping on the mattresses is part of the process! It is in the job description of our mattress filler, Rueben Reynosa. We call it "walking out" the mattress. This unusual but very necessary step happens after a mattress is filled with layers and layers of cotton, polyester or wool batting but before it is tufted.

Sleep on This: Good Books About Sleep

Reading and sleep just naturally go together. To take this partnering a step further, here are three books that provide interesting advice on getting good sleep and rest for adults and children. Please note that we do not endorse these books but are providing them as an informational resource.

Make Your Bedroom a Comfortable Place

I love the event of getting into bed at the end of the day. Feeling the embrace of my mattress (McRoskey byDesign of course) and the touch of cotton percale sheets, tugging on my camel hair blanket so it’s under my chin and positioning my pillows for comfy head and neck support.

Better Sleep Tips for Kids

Helping children get the sleep they need is important for their health, happiness and well being. According to the Better Sleep Council, sleep is critical for a child’s physical and mental development. Also, kids’ sleep needs change as they age. Having the right environment for sleep also helps the whole family get the rest they need. Create the optimal sleep space with a darkened room that’s cool and quiet, and a bed that is comfortable and supportive. Here are more tips on better rest for children and parents.

Tips for Better Sleep When Traveling

I love traveling! But it can be exhausting with today's stressful world of plane, train and automobile travel. Also, I find that sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings, on uncomfortable beds with less than perfect pillows can also cause fatigue. Getting the rest you need is so very important, especially when traveling. Here are a few tips to help reduce sleep loss -- and the headaches and fatigue that come with it - when you are on the road.

Tips to Turn Your Bedroom into a Place for Rejuvenation

Everyone needs a place to get away from it all. With a few simple changes you can turn your bedroom into an instant retreat, a relaxing space to adjust the attitude and evoke the senses. Here are several tips from Palo Alto-based interior designer Fawni Hill, vice president of interior design for Larick Alan Hill Architects, on creating an environment for rejuvenation.