EVENT: Anne Shaheen & Valerie Jelenfy Stilson at Art Walk 4/13

San Rafael 2nd Friday Art Walk
Anne Shaheen & Valerie Jelenfy Stilson at McRoskey Mattress Store
April 13th, 5-9pm
1340 4th Street, San Rafael

Anne Shaheen considers herself a ReUse artist and has always been drawn to items that are old, worn, rusted, broken, just waiting to be part of a story that will be interpreted only by the curious observer.

Her mediums of expression are assemblage and collage. Sometimes she just mixes things up with no plan in mind and lets the materials lead the way. Other times she imagines the origin of the materials – who touched them and why – and tries to re-tell a story.

For Anne, it’s all about celebrating the wonderful, natural patina that comes with age, both of people & objects, and finding beauty in imperfection.


Valerie Jelenfy Stilson is a true renaissance woman, who began creating found object altars at the age of 71.  Her work is influenced by the Spanish Colonial folk art of New Spain and Mexico.  It reflects the passage of time and custom, mixing modern day themes with those of history.

Her technique of choice is assemblage and she transforms this process into a three dimensional form, creating an opportunity for a dialogue to evolve between the viewer and the spirit of the altar.

Valerie defines the techniques of assemblage as, “The art of allowing the bits and pieces of our lives to assemble themselves into a meaningful relationship, creating peace, inspiration and wisdom.  Memories may surface, love may rekindle, and answers will come.”